Wednesday, August 31, 2005



The morning kiss that makes my day a bliss,
The goodnight kiss to ease a bad day with a loving mist,

The smile that melts my heart,
The words that light up a spark,

The hug that comforts me,
The eyes that mirror the love for me,

The mischievous pranks that give me the laugh,
The pecks on the cheek that make me blush,

Every little gesture, so true and full of love,
You, and you, and only you forever.


Truman said...

:) did not know you had a poet inside you. Very nice :)

Minal said...

@Truman: Hey thanks:-) Well it's an attempt;-)

Sujatha said...

Hi Minal,nice!

Did you get my e-mail?

Minal said...

Hi Sujatha,
Yes dear I did. Been crazy busy!! Expect a mail over the weekend for sure:-)

Michael Higgins said...

Hi Minal
I liked this. I think it was inspired by someone special.

Tugga said...

Kya senti de rahi hai! Quite good tho! And a far cry from the days when you used to try project urself as ano-nonsense shayari-poetry-not-for-me girl:-)

Mangesh said...

Alright Amit.. time for you to come back mate! Else she might just quit her work and start writing love songs n poems!

Great one mars! :-)

Mary said...

Lovely post! makes me miss everyone I don't have here with me :)

Minal said...

@Michael: You bet it was:-)By my hubby dearest:-)

@Saurabh:I don't understand much of shayari so better not tread into that field. Poems I tried my hand at,few,not romantic though. Maybe I should put them up:-)
Well love changes people;-)

@Mangi: Remember you had said I could pen them under the psuedonym "MiRa", maybe I should change that to "MARS" now;-)

All of you thanks for the appreciation:-)

Minal said...

@Mary: Thanks dear:-)