Monday, September 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Papa...

Your face lit up,
The day you held her in your arms,
Years of waiting, years of prayers,
Had finally brought the smiles.

The man above chose a wonderful day,
To let her walk into your world of two,
The same auspicious day,
He had chosen to unite you two.

Home of two,
Now abode of three,
Two faces smiling and glee,
A little toddler binding thee.

Little lady growing into a brat,
She was your raja, beta and a champ at that,
Driving her mom crazy and mad,
You would convince her mom she wasn’t that bad.

You held her little hands,
Taught her to walk and run on the sands,
Sands of time they were to be,
She knew you would always be there to guide thee.

Every evening she would wait at the door,
For the bell to ring twice,
The unique bell to remind her,
You had come to make her day twice as nice.

Mom knew she was becoming you,
A little version she said,
How will she be without you,
She worried and said.

She would often ponder how you would react:

At her graduating into a young rebel lady,
At her independence in thoughts,
At her getting her first salary,
At her friends who were lovable brats,

At her choice to live away from home,
At her choice to marry the guy she loved,
At her constant arguing with mum,
At the values and principles she developed,

At her every little thing!

She still ponders over and over,
She tries to gauge your reactions,
From the 17 years you spent with her,
Would it be similar to what her mind mentions?

She questions and finds no answer,
Why did god love you so,
To keep you with him forever,
Why was he unfair to take you so.

She is treading carefully on the sands of time,
Looking up to find your assuring smile,
She reaches home and waits aside,
Hoping someday that doorbell will ring twice!


Weasley Speaks said...

Happy birthday to pappa from me too. I know how much he means to you and how much you miss him.

But remember, he is always there watching you.

Mary said...

Minal, - that's beautiful :)

Mangesh said...

Wonderful one minu! May God always bless him and your family! :-)

Take care and keep the faith!
God Bless..

Mangesh said...

Wonderful one minu! May God always bless him and your family! :-)

Take care and keep the faith!
God Bless..

Tugga said...

Touching and beautiful!

As Mangesh said, keep the faith!

Ash said...

Aww, that is so sweet and wonderful.

Kaps said...

Amazing poem which depicts the true love for your dad. why don't you publish it somewhere?

Sujatha said...

A touching tribute Minal.

Truman said...

Very touching and beautiful. May god bless your family and near ones. :)

Arz000n said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your dad

Its a wonderful poem :)


Minal said...

Hi All,
Thanks for the nice words.
It was a special day and I hope I made it special for him:-)

Anshul said...

Hi Minu. Late comment but thats an absolutely beautiful tribute. May your future hold 100 times more happiness to make up for the tragic events of the past.

Minal said...

Hey Anshul,
Where have you been?
I loved that little gif of yours " Am back home"