Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Couple O’ Questions

Two questions I have been bombarded with; at each and every family function/get-together/meeting I have attended, since dear husband has gone abroad on work assignment:

Question 1:
Minal, do you miss him?

Question 2:
Minal, does he call?


Sujatha said...

so what are the answers?

Minal said...

What answers are they expecting is my question?? Why do people ask questions to obvious answers:-)

Mangesh said...

Why, is it so obvious that you dont really miss him, despite him calling everyday???

Weasley Speaks said...

Well no one has asked the baisc question? Who is "him" and "he" for you?

Is "he", the "he" everyone is assuming to be? or is "he" someone else.

"he" could be "he" of some long lost years who suddenly has sparked memories.

Any answers?????

"he" is waiting!!!!

Leela said...

He he... poor guy is homesick as well.

Minal said...

@Weasley: My dear brat of a husband:-) He is my husband:-))

@Mangi: Another brat of a friend! LOL:-))

@Leela: Finally, I've managed to get u to comment:-)I'm honoured:-)
I know that he is homesick:-) But he has so many nice folks to keep him good company:-)

Leela said...

Ulp... will comment more often. Just that my knowledge of cricket is only limited to the names of cricketers… :)

Minal said...

I sometimes manage to write on topics apart from cricket:-)
Your comments will be most welcome:-)