Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forgetful and Me?

I can be really forgetful about the important items like mobile, wallet, car park access card , car keys, my office i-card and even my office laptop. Add to it I've butter fingers so clumsy is my middle name.

MDH is constantly on the lookout if I'll topple something or break something or forget something. I dread to look at him if I commit any of the above crimes.

My closest friend in office N says she can't believe her luck that she had to meet me who is an exact replica of her husband in terms of nature & habits.

I press the panic button the moment I can't see my important items in their regular places. I have not lost them cause the mobile has slipped under the keyboard, the card is in some other pocket in the purse, the wallet is probably in my office drawer and the keys are buried under the pile of papers on my table. But since I cannot see them when I need them, I get extremely hyper. Earlier MDH and N would get worried but now they do not even react, cause they know I'll find it later.

Well, last week the entire team decided to go out for a quick lunch. I did not want to take my handbag hence dumped my mobile, wallet and i-card with N. I must've confirmed and re-confirmed with her thrice till we reached the place. While we were getting out of the car I realised one of my footwear had gone missing in the car and started looking for it frantically. I asked N if she had seen it and she promptly replied,

" No, Sadly I did not keep that in my Bag"

Yeah, my sarcasm is rubbing on her fast!


Mahmood said...

Your blog is very nice. God is Great. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Minal, this is hilarious..I can’t believe that you are not only exact replica of N’s husband but also mine
But touchwood u don’t actually lose one.
I have a record!!!…lost 5 mobiles, 3 umbrellas, 2 gold ear-rings… these are the few I remember, though the list is long. My friends pull my leg saying that I need to marry someone from Lost & Found Department to handle my things 
“Footwear missing in the car “ is really funny...Lolzzz


Anonymous said...

LOL :) I have a friend who has lost her mobile many times, you atleast only press the panic button without loosing anything :)

You've got some Sagittarius in you :)

Granger Gab said...

@Mahmood: Thanks

@Swapna: Fortunately I do not lose stuff - I Just forget where I kept it! That's some stuff you have lost...yeah I too think you really need someone from the Lost and Found department

@IHM: I'm an aquarius :-) But the husband is a cusp of Saggi-Capri - is that rubbing off on me? Now can I go blame him;-)LOL

Pins N Ashes said...

Hillarious Minal!!
If not for the chair I would have toppled over:)


Minal said...

@Pins N Ashes
Well yeah I did not know how to reach to N, completely unexpected- It's generally the other way round - me passing sarci comments but this was too spontaneous:-) The rest of the gang in the car also burst out laughing!!!