Friday, December 16, 2005

Give a Thought-6?

  • Sign seen in a bar: "Those drinking to forget please pay in advance."
  • Caption for M.T.N.L. Advertisement: "We dig anything , anywhere."
  • Advertisement: Guitar, for sale, cheap, no strings attached
  • "Buffet": A French word that means "Get up & get it yourself !"
  • Andaz: Why make a movie about eggs?


NB said...

many moons ago..i read this etched on a table at Leopold..kinda stuck with me.."Drink Milk..the Cow's eat Grass"
Is Leo's still rocking?

Minal said...

@nb: Good one;-) Leopold's food still rocks...

Tugga said...

Go to Monde's and try the steak boti..awesome with beer,plus no place like Monde's forgraffiti

NB said...

@minal: ure right about the food at leo's

@tugga..hey..monde rocks too..does it still have the mario miranda mural? ..