Sunday, May 17, 2009

20 random quirks

It has been 3 years of expat life in Dubai! Although I would have loved to be a regular on my blog I could not, as I was adjusting to a new life and a whole new world of responsibilities!
So blogging took a backseat and I’m not going to promise that I shall be regular at it but I will try again:-)

This is inspired from the “25 not so random things about me”! Over the last few years in my transition from a protected only-child to a wife balancing work and home, I’ve developed a few quirks (‘MDH’ a.k.a. ‘My Dear Husband ’ almost treats them as my OCDs). Anyone who empathizes or sees any similarity is free to take up this tag “20 random quirks” and pass it around

1. I cannot stand a dirty kitchen and a sink with overflowing to-be-washed vessels. I need to clean it up before I sleep every single night, even if it takes me 11.00, 12.00 or 1.00 in the night!

2. My tolerance levels for dishelved wardrobe lasts for 5 days max, it needs to be set in order on the weekend, before the next work-week begins.

3. I hate grocery shopping, if you ask me how the prices of onions or tomatoes or potatoes or any other vegetables compare in Dubai to that in Mumbai I do not know and I do not care

4. I thank the creator of “Home Delivery”. Only after coming to Dubai did I realize that lemons and coriander could be home delivered for as minimum as an amount of AED 1/-

5. I dread cleaning up non-veg stuff a la fish, prawns, meat but the time I enjoy in my kitchen is when I cook these non-veg dishes

6. I get absolutely bored cooking any vegetarian meals, snacks work fine!

7. I hate giving my clothes for ironing to the laundry. I have to iron them and I’ve often re-ironed them even though they had come back from the laundry.

8. I have switched off from tech gadgets like mobile phones, playstations, blackberry etc. I use them for their basic functionalities alone!

9. Everytime I redo my wardrobe I find piles of my favorite clothes I’ve grown out of; I stack them in a bag to give them away someday, I still haven’t!

10. I often store important items in a “safe” place and can never remember it at the time I need them the most!

11. I used to hate it when mom nagged me on my room being unkempt, I now repeat the exact same words to MDH and he hates it!

12. I was extremely fussy about my eating habits and mom hoped it would change when I would have to cook for myself; it has now worsened since I get to decide what to cook and how to cook

13. Cooking and driving are now my stress relievers though I’m thankful I do not need them everyday

14. I miss the public transport system miserably (even though I have my own car). To realize the importance of public transport, try staying in Mumbai and London and then shift to Dubai; it feels like someone chopped off your legs!

15. Offices in Dubai commence at 7.30 -8.00 a.m – that’s too early for me :-(

16. I’ve become an avid movie viewer but old habits die hard and I still have to read the review before I go for one.

17. My family thought I will not be able to manage cooking for even one person(considering I never cooked at home!), now I do it with ease for 15-20 people single-handedly

18. They tell me that the first scratch on your car hurts the most , but every scratch on my car small or big still hurts equally

19. I don’t mind the shopping, it’s the part of making place for the new things that irritates me the most

20. I hate staying alone, I dread the days when MDH goes off on his business trips!


Freud Reborn said...

I'm completely stumped to realize how similar we both are! No wonder we are friends!

Minal said...

@freud: now u realise?? and why are you not updating yours...don't become like me in this aspect:-) suggest me some books to read...

Sujatha said...

lovely to know you a little bit more, minal!

Minal said...

@sujatha: Thanks, Now I'm waiting for yours...would be interesting I'm sure:-)