Sunday, July 30, 2006


A thousand promises for you I hold,
Each as pure as the first drop of dew,
Love me once, and a deeper meaning of love,
I'll reveal to you,

I'll be the picture that you'll paint of love,
On the twilight skies I'll be your soul,
I'll be the vision,

of hopes and dreams in your eyes,

And if there be a darkness to your life,
I'll be the warmth of the morning ray,

I'll be the comfort that you'll return to,
At the end of a long weary day,

And I promise you, that I'll love you,
The way you have never been loved before.
And with each day that you love me,
You'll know, that I love you even more.

Sigh!! This one not only brightened my day today but will brighten every day henceforth. What a lovely surprise from my husband today;-)


Perspective Inc. said...

Wow! He wrote that for you?
Lucky you...
I better start droping hints to mine....LOL

Minal said...

@Tugga: Get married and you'll know that u don't need special occassions to express your feelings;-)

@perspective inc.; Do it fast:-)

Tugga said...

Dude, shit, seriously, you think I can come up with poetry like that? Like ever? Married or not, you ain't never hearing no poetry from me, sis! Anyway tell Amit he's setting a bad example, as is reflected by perspective inc.'s comments

Mangesh said...

Abe this is all timepass! He has flicked this from or some artistic dude in his office mustve written it. Special occasions n all blah blah blah..
And if he has written this on his own, i think he must take it easy! Seems like work is really getting to him!

Minal said...

@Tugga: SIS??? since when did i become that to you??? Anyways that made Amit pretty happy though;-)And I did not mean that getting married is going to get poetry out of you, i meant after marriage will you realise you don't need special occasions to express your feelings! Dud!:-)

@Mangi: Boy I pity your wife with views like that. Poor thing, we tried warning her what she was marrying into but alas!!!:-) And haven't you heard of the saying Everything is fair in love and war, as long it is for me I don't care about the source;-)

Tugga said...

Abbe the use of the word sis is not to be taken literally, just went in well with the rest of the irreverent slang.

And Amit's happy 'cause why????????

Minal said...

@Tugga: Well after all I was right about it being used as a slang! amit knows about the back-up pact so but obvious he was happy;-)

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someonearbit said...

U r super lucky to have a husband who says and feels all that for you :)

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