Thursday, October 20, 2005

Give a Thought-4 ?

  • Don't be irreplaceable - if you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.
  • The meek shall inherit the earth – They are too weak too refuse.
  • He who laughs last does not get the gist of the joke.
  • People who live in glass houses shouldn’t.
  • I’ve been told a hundred million times not to exaggerate.


Sakshi said...


Kaps said...

glad to see the one liners again. the first one is very true...i have heard about this b4.

Mary said...

:D I really like the last one!

Minal said...

@Sakshi, Mary: :-)

@Kaps: I did not realise the hiatus, will try to be more regular on this feature:-)
And as per the disclaimer in my first series: It's from a collection over a period of time. So there are huge chances you would've read some of them:-)

Tugga said...

Blog only on cricket, baaki sab jabardasti ke issues hai

Minal said...

@Tugga: Now what was that? Though cricket is first love, the blog is not necessarily dedicated to that. It's just me, my beliefs, my opinions and my thoughts.:-) That's primarily why I began blogging!